TRIMANIA 2018, April 14, 2018

TRIMANIA 2018 was an epic celebration of art, culture, and music and saw over 3,500 attendees and a small army of volunteers in support of Buffalo Arts Studio’s largest fundraiser.


Held every three years, for one night only, in the former manufacturing building that spans two city blocks, Buffalo Arts Studio, with a little help from Tri-Main Center tenants, transforms the six-floor building into a menagerie of culture, featuring live bands, DJs, dancers, poets, visual artists, and performers of all kinds.

Over 75 visual artists exhibited throughout TriMain Center. Immersive installations by Mizin Shin and Chuck Tingley will be on display in the Buffalo Arts Studio. Shin’s Feedback Loop is a new installation of cut-out vinyl shapes adhered to the gallery ceiling, floor, and walls, to construct a never-ending portrayal of the functional network of production, distribution, and consumption systems found throughout the lifespan of a classic fast food staple: the French fry. Chuck Tingley’s installation layers mixed media on unstretched canvas to create a visual and narrative structure that combines childhood memories and contemporary culture in a way that disregards logical sequence in favor of a stream of consciousness format. These reconstructions and personal observations of the human condition serve as tangible expressions of memory while exploring the absurd, humorous and mundane aspects of life.

Musical and dance performances spanned the diverse spectrum of Western New York talent. Belly dancing, bollywood, and break dancing will take place alongside jazz, hip-hop, and Americana blues. Visitors can expect lots of surprises as well!




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