Reinhard Reitzenstein, Displacement, May 23, 2019 – June 29, 2019

Reinhard Reitzenstein (Buffalo)  recognizes the intersection between environmental and economic justice in his work. Reitzenstein, an international artist and UB professor, will present a solo exhibition from May 23, 2019 – June 29, 2019. This exhibition will include two complementary bodies of work displayed concurrently. Displacement will bring the remains of a full tree into the Buffalo Arts Studio galleries as a response to the threatened urban green spaces and neglected brownfields in the Tri-Main neighborhood and surrounding region. The unexpected encounter with the tree’s remains within the industrial interior of the gallery space points to the complicity of both the industrial past and gentrified present in the eradication of green space that used to cover this neighborhood. Reitzenstein will also display large-scale, text based tree drawings. The text that forms the trees is simply the scientific name of each tree written meticulously and repetitively until the large image is complete. Each image is like a long tone poem where the name of the tree is intoned each time it is written.

View a video of Reitzenstein discussing his work and his process here:

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