Muhammad Zaman

As an urban artist specializing in calligraphy I've developed a personal style incorporating the different languages that make up my identity: English since I live in the USA, Bengali, the language of my fatherland, and Arabic, the language of my religion. I've always been fascinated by languages, lettering and calligraphy of different parts of the world. As a Muslim in the USA I see a lot of negativity towards our tradition but I always look for ways to use my art as a positive message. I was influenced by the artist Elseed and his idea to create unity for people from different backgrounds, ethnicites and religions. My aim is to inspire people to share the same place and learn from each other in harmony and mutual understanding. Although my works contain words in three different languages, there is always at least one recognizable word. This makes the audience curious to ask and decode the message, giving them to a deep connection with my art. I continuously try new shapes and colors to present my art with a modern look.