Linda Toomey

Linda Toomey, a Buffalo native, began her painting career in earnest after retiring from a 28 year art teaching career. She is a resident artist at Buffalo Arts Studio. She is most interested in landscape and uses gouache for small paintings.  Her inspiration comes from the play of water, light and sky on the inland marshes of North Carolina, Virginia, and the labyrinth of waters in the 1000 Island area.Tensions induced by terrorism and accelerating technology have changed our lives.  Linda’s landscapes are about tranquility and peacefulness.  She hopes to take the viewer back to the natural world of quiet solitude, contemplation, and regeneration. Linda is a member of the Buffalo Society of  Artists, Breakwater Gallery (Cape Vincent, NY) and the Western New York Artist’s Group. She has won numerous awards in both local and national shows and her paintings are in local, national and international collections.