Kathleen Sherin


Thought, sensation, form.  Patterns of intent evolve into rhythms of response.  Life’s current of chaos solidifies into the matter of perspective.  Within the anatomy of meaning, structure frames a pulse of synchronicity — moments of alignment that dissolve into flow.

There is also a common dialogue underlying all of my work — a narrative that addresses our human experience through explorations of contrasts, dichotomy, and fleeting moments of balance.  I repeatedly explore ways to express that dual nature of our existence, to focus on that distinction and overlap of being both a physical and mental being and by extrapolation express the interplay between intuition and reason.

Each print is unique, and hand-pulled on an etching press.  Using an approach to creating work that blends traditions from painting, printmaking, and collage, I create layered prints that contain a combination of direct and non-chemically-mediated techniques (collagraphic, carborundum printing, and monoprint techniques).  In many pieces I slice apart, reassemble, and create new final prints from disassembled parts in order to emphasize contrasts.


Kathy’s years working in medicine as an RN, a personal fascination with human sensory and psychological issues, and an attraction to abstract ideas of systems in science and math inform her work.

Her work has been exhibited regionally and nationally.  She earned an MFA from the State University of New York at Buffalo (1985, Painting/Printmaking).  Kathy has been a resident artist at BAS since 2002 and creates her larger works at the UB print shop as part of the EPIC (Experimental Print Imaging Center) program.

Website:  www.ksherin.com
Contact:  kathleensherin@gmail.com