Peter Sowiski, DopeDupe; January 22 – March 4, 2016

Peter Sowiski is making new work for his site-specific exhibition DopeDupe at Buffalo Arts Studio. Sowiski creates dramatic depictions of military hardware, specifically aircraft, structured as paper mosaics to render the objects in actual scale. His large installations often include figures “servicing” the hardware within an abstracted landscape. His work investigates the high-stakes and tense times in which we live, referencing the repetitive and often fragmented machinations of war. His observations in paper seek symbiosis between the delicate physical qualities of the paper and the powerful emblematic visual qualities of subject.

The aircraft imagery also recalls the history of the Tri-Main building in the production of America’s first jets. In 1942, Bell Aircraft rented space in the former Ford plant to design and build the plane to go with a new General Electric engine already in production. The first jet engine arrived in Buffalo on August 4, 1942, and the first XP-59A jet was ready for shipment on September 10.  A large hole had to be made in the side of the brick building in order to get the jet out of the factory and onto the adjacent railroad tracks. For more history on the XP-59A, go to

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