Muhammad Z. Zaman: Lux, July 27 – September 7, 2018

Muhammad Z. Zaman, Lux

From the beginning, for me, it was about connecting; connecting people who are different. Different from me and different from each other.

Lux is the first major solo exhibition for Buffalo-based calligraffiti artist Muhammad Z. Zaman. As a young Muslim man living and working in the United States, Zaman uses language as cultural signifier; English for his current home, Bengali as the language of his fatherland, and Arabic as the language of his religion. His canvas paintings and wall murals layer powerful messages onto seemingly borderless fields in order to inspire people to learn from each other in harmony and mutual understanding.

Zaman pays homage to his cultural history by using traditional tools, forms, and formats. Circular designs symbolize unity while recalling calligraphic mandalas and roundels, and his works on paper and unstretched canvas relate to calligraphic scrolls and illuminated manuscripts. At the same time, Zaman’s deeply personal style is both expressive and modern. Many canvases are layered with graphic underpaintings, free-form spray paint, and textured gesso. His gesture—regardless of scale—is present in all of his work, reminding the viewer of the act and action of writing. Each painting is a meditation, imbued with Zaman’s messages of personal wisdom and hope. Zaman makes his intentions clear by translating the text into English for the titles of his work, allowing the viewer to participate with the piece, and hopefully embrace his belief in the power of peace and understanding.


Muhammad Z. Zaman is a Buffalo-based, urban artist specializing in calligraphy. He is a Resident Artist with Buffalo Arts Studio in the historic Tri-Main Center. In 2018, Zaman was selected as the Open Buffalo Emerging Artist and was also awarded a New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Individual Artist Grant to create new artwork. Zaman has experience in both public and community-based art making, working with the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, People’s Park, and Silo City. Zaman is also active in local Muslim community groups including Crescent Village Community Center and both the Lackawanna and South Buffalo locations of Access of Western New York. He was also a member of Common Ground Connections, part of a nationwide interfaith campaign that invited communities to local open houses to bring people together through the arts. Zaman has a strong social media presence as well with nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram.

Watch the artist speak about his vision and his process.


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