Mark Snyder; Auto-Cannibalism, Jan. 22 – March 4, 2016

Snyder uses performance, photography, sculpture, drawing and painting to talk about social conflicts and personal issues. A principle tool in his practice is dissection. He uses the dissection of time, space, objects and systems as a way of studying their workings, trying to gain a better understanding of the larger picture by surveying the smaller parts from which it is made. He dismantles each problem, investigating the individual bits, and then reassembling the fragments into a new state. This investigative process is often revealed in the works through markings, malformations, and distortions, indicating the areas searched, exposing the hidden, and discarding the preconceived.

This exhibition will focus on his drawings, sculptures and installations. His artworks have been shown through-out the United States and his art as well as his writings have been published in Leonardo Magazine, and Big, Red and Shiny, and his documentary works have been published world wide. The artist has also received complimentary reviews from the Boston Globe.


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