Liz Lessner: Intersitial Castings, July 27 – September 7, 2018

Interstitial Castings will showcase new work by Liz Lessner, who will document the social, physical, and emotional support provided by health and human service organizations in Tri-Main Center. Prior to her exhibition, Lessner will be in residence at Buffalo Arts Studio working with health and human service providers including Aspire of WNY, Inc. iXpress to create a series of sculptures through a process of conversation, community building, and collaboration. Her exhibition will raise awareness about the populations these generous individuals and organizations serve and the work being done by those individuals and organizations in order to serve them. The castings capture the negative space between two people engaged in the intimate actions of teaching, caring, and sharing. Each object is a record of three interconnections: client, service provider, and artist.

Liz Lessner is a sculptor and installation artist whose work combines traditional fabrication techniques and emerging technologies to create sensory experiences that reframe common occurrences and routine encounters. She is currently the Studio Fellow at VisArts in Rockville, Maryland. Lessner has had solo shows at Honfleur Gallery in Washington, D.C.; Big Orbit Gallery in Buffalo, NY; and The University at Buffalo Visual Studies Gallery in Buffalo, NY. She has exhibited her sculptures and installations nationally and internationally including the Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology in Michoacán, Mexico, A.I.R. gallery in Brooklyn, NY, and Everard Read’s Circa Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa. She has an MFA in Media Study from the University at Buffalo. Her research into embedded electronics ability to create novel sensory experiences has been supported by grants like the Mark Diamond Research Fund, fellowships like the Eyeo Artists Fellowship, and awards like a 2019 Fulbright Research Award to Brazil.


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