CollectX25: An Art Affair and Auction for All

Join us in celebration of Buffalo Arts Studio’s 25th anniversary at CollectX25: An Art Affair and Auction for All. A fun opportunity to catch up with Buffalo Arts Studio friends, be surrounded by great works by past and current BAS artists, and take home some beautiful artwork, CollectX25 takes a fresh look at art collecting by having many different price points and a variety of pieces to satisfy new and long-time collectors. Those eager to see what will be up for auction can catch a free sneak preview at M&T Fourth Friday on March 24, 5:00-8:00pm.

Date: Saturday, March 25, 2017
Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm | Check in and Registration begins at 6:30pm
Place: Buffalo Arts Studio (Suite 500 in the Tri-Main Center at 2495 Main Street)

Participating Artists:

Aspire of WNY iXpress Program
Ted Butler
Bruce Adams
Joanna Angie
Monica Angle
Michael Beitz
Dennis Bertram
Amanda Besl
Laura Borneman
M E Adragna Bossert
Harvey Breverman
Karen Buchner
David Buck
Barbara Buckman
Tricia Butski
Colleen Buzzard
Scotty Bye
Leeann Catanzaro-Banes
Millie Chen
William Cooper
Michael Degnan
Ramon Dennis
Julia Douglas
Jackie Felix
Dorothy FitzGerald
Patrick Foran
A.J. Fries
Fotini Galanes
Daniel Galas
Elizabeth Gemperlein
Allan Hebeler
Thomas James Holt
Ani Hoover
Bryan Hopkins
George Hughes
Travis Keller
William Koch
Greg Kuppinger
Craig LaRotonda
Mark Leo Lavatelli
Elizabeth Leader
Polly Little
Rob Lynch
Bill Maggio
George Mai
Candace Keegan-Masters
Megan McElf
Gerald McGowan
Gerald Mead
Catherine Shuman Miller
Nathan W. Naetzker
Roberto Pacheco
Michael Parker
Betty Pitts Foster
Alberto Rey
Mikayla Rice
Stacey Robinson
Darcie Rosinski
Matt SaGurney
Dana Saylor
David Schirm
Gary Sczerbaniewicz
Jody Selin
Kathleen Sherin
Mark Snyder
Peter Sowiski
Catherine Linder Spencer
Ilania Stangler
Christopher Stangler
Deborah Stewart
Dolores Ann Stievater
Rachael Struble
Nancy Thayer
Phyllis Thompson
Chuck Tingley
Linda Toomey
Kurt Treeby
Katie Virag
Al Volo
Adam Weekley
Gary L. Wolfe
Robert L Wood
Muhammad Z Zaman
Predolino Zelasko
Joe Ziolkowski


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By Zainab Saleh

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