Art of Labor Mural

Call for Instructor/Artist

Program Title: The Art of Labor: Celebrating Workers through Public Art
Class Title: Public Art: Training Youth to Create Art for Communities
Mural Title: The Art of Labor

The Buffalo Arts Studio, Buffalo City Summer School for the Arts, Coalition for Economic Justice, and the Area Labor Federation of WNY are issuing a call for a mural artist to design and install an outdoor mural at 333 Clinton Street. We are looking for a design that is aesthetically engaging focusing on people at work. Along with creating the design, the artist will teach: Public Art: Training Youth to Create Art for Communities, this class aims to engage student’s interest in public art, discuss how artists approach public artworks and assist the artist in painting the Art of Labor Mural.

The mural will be painted on the brick insets (seen flanking the door in this picture) at 333 Clinton St., the Buffalo Public Schools Administration Building.

Selection Criteria:
Artist selection will be based on artistic merit and managerial capability using the following criteria:

Willingness to work with youth, past teaching experience a plus
Able to approach the project as a class
Demonstrated knowledge of the unique consideration of exterior murals painted on brick
Adaptability with the collaborative process of design
Availability to meet all deadlines
Proof of Liability Insurance
Quality and strength of past work as demonstrated in the submitted samples
Ability to create a unique and engaging artwork appropriate in concept

Submit following materials by March 30, 2017 to
– Contact Information and Website
– Mural Design as a jpeg (300 dpi)
– Three Past Work Samples, jpegs (max 300 dpi)
– Artist Bio and/or Artistic Resume
– Past teaching experience

A commission of $5600 will be paid to the chosen artist. This fee includes, but is not limited to; meeting(s) with mural committee, final drawings, detailed list of supplies needed for project including teaching component (cost of supplies for mural and class will come from separate budget), transportation of materials to the site, working with students on preparation of mural site, installation and completion of the mural, application of protective coating.

Mural Artist Selection Panel will review the applications and may choose to interview several candidates. The selected artist will be notified by April 14, 2017.

Question and Answers:

Where exactly will the mural be on the building?
The insets on the building facade facing Clinton Street will be the primary focus, however there are several insets around the building. Depending on the complexity of design you may propose to address more insets. It will be up to the individual artist to determine how many insets and propose where on the building they would go.

How big are the insets?
Insets measure approximately 10ft wide and 9 ft in length.

What do you mean by people at work?
Examples include teachers, bus drivers, etc. People can also be depicted at play and with family, however the focus should be on work.

How should I approach the classroom portion of this project?
One way to approach it would be as a Murals 101 class. Covering such topics as: What is a call for artist? How do artist determine if it is the right type of work? What should a portfolio look like? Where can you find public artworks in Buffalo? How to prepare a mural wall? What are different ways to install murals?, and How do you protect a finish mural?

I have a general idea of how to approach the classroom, can I ask for help in developing lesson plans?
Yes, you will be able to get support from Buffalo Public Schools and Buffalo Arts Studio.

What are the dates and times of the class?
July 10 – Aug 18th, 8:30 AM – noon.

Will the artist have an assistant?
Yes, a Buffalo Public School teacher will be onsite with you everyday.

Who are the students we will work with?
Students are selected based on portfolios submissions, ages 12-18 yrs and are enrolled in the Buffalo City Summer School for the Arts. We anticipate 10-16 students.

Where will the class be held?
Inside the mural building, 333 Clinton St.

What if it rains?
This would be a great time to discuss what it takes to be a mural artist, maybe have videos of mural artists handy such as Banksy ready for rain days.

Does the artist pay for paint, supplies or materials?
No, it will be provided (Artist is in charge of ordering and picking up items)

Do I really need Liability Insurance?

If classroom time is not enough to finish the mural what then?
As a professional we ask that you constantly gage the timeline, you may need to stay after the students leave at noon in order to finish the mural by August 18th.

What if we have time to do more insets?
If time and budget allows and the panel designs are approved by committee, yes more panels can be completed.

What if we want to paint on wood and install panels in the insets?
The budget may or may not allow, alternative ideas should be proposed and explanations on why the extra cost would be advantageous to the final look explained.

Will I be applying the protective coating when the mural is finished?
Yes, with supplies provided.

Additional Photos:

front left side of building (looking on from the street), close up

front left side of building (looking on from the street), 3 total insets on front of building

right wall
right side of building (looking on from the street)

backwall (1)

back of the building

left side of building (looking on from the street)

Version 2

Reference only – each inset does not need to be filled completely

bees-5 (1)
Reference only – each inset does not need to be filled completely

Buffalo Arts Studio
Buffalo City Summer School for the Arts
Coalition for Economic Justice
Open Buffalo
WNY Area Labor Federation

Questions? Contact Jayne Hughes at 716-833-4450×11,


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