Public Art Projects

Ray of Light small

Buffalo Arts Studio maintains a commitment to accessible public art projects. One of our founder Joanna Angie’s goals in creating the organization was just this, to provide public art and art education for the entire community, in addition to offering affordable studio space and valuable exposure for artists. 

In the fall of 2014, BAS revived its public art program in response to a tragic community event. A violent act against a local woman at a park served as a catalyst for BAS to lead the family, city officials, organizations, and neighbors to create a project that would give solace and peace to a healing community. The “Ray of Light” mural, designed by local world renowned mural artist Augustina Droze and completed with support from muralist Chuck Tingley and glass mosaic artist Megan McElf, has made the area a space for reflection and remembrance for victims of violence and their families.


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